What is the menu like at Golden Flower at Wynn Macau?

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The menu at Golden Flower at Wynn Macau is a beautifully produced, silk-covered book that includes three set menus — the six- and eight-course Tan menu and the eight-course regional menu, all created by master chef Liu Guo Zhu. The rest of the menu is divided into Tan, Lu and Sichuan cuisines. The Tan-style sweet and sour cabbage with chili vinaigrette is one of the cold signatures, and for the soup portion of the menu, you can find Cantonese dishes (double-boiled black mushroom soup with bamboo fungi) as well as items from the other three cuisines. The Superior Delicacies section of the menu includes braised abalone, stewed turtle skirt, sea cucumber and fish maw dishes, and the Cantonese Live Seafood portion of the menu includes fish, lobster and crab. Under the Regional Seafood portion of the menu, expect to find the Tan signature stock boiled mandarin fish fillet with ginger, and in the Meat & Poultry section, you’ll find items such as the Sichuan-style sweet and sour crispy chicken. There’s also a section just for vegetables and you’ll also find a Rice & Noodles portion (think Sichuan dan dan noodles). The dessert menu at the Macau restaurant includes the Imperial petits fours with four traditional treats such as the delectable Beijing-style sticky rice ball.

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