What are the best things to order at Jade Dragon?

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It’s hard to keep the number of must-order items down to five, as Jade Dragon is renowned for numerous dishes, but to keep it simple, we’re chosen these top picks:

1. Dim sum. Served unusually in single portions, the dim sum at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant — in particular the light-as-air beef puff and the creamy shrimp dumpling with the most delicate skin — transcends other versions you’ll have eaten before. You have been warned.

2. Soup. The TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) soups are a little nerve-wracking to order, simply because even the English translations of some of the ingredients will mean nothing to the average diner. It is better to choose your soup according to the benefits you are looking for, or go for the simple-sounding double-boiled herbal winter melon, meant to counter dampness and increase the appetite — which could be handy considering what is to come.

3. Roasted meats. The roasted meats are sublime, with the Iberico ham char siu another menu item that takes the traditional Chinese dish far beyond the usual, in terms of flavor and texture. Incredibly tender and a little crispy with ambrosial fat, the hint of lychee and its sweet coating makes it pleasingly rich.

4. Abalone. One of the most luxurious ingredients in Chinese cooking is abalone, and there is a list of dishes dedicated to this much-loved specialty.

5. Dessert. The desserts span Western and Chinese sweets. The petits fours are a spectacular dish of mini ice creams in cones served in a teapot, a square of the softest chocolate, a mini cake, fruit jellies and a macaron.

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