Upscale Chinese fare in Macau’s Studio City

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Located within the glittery Studio City Macau, Pearl Dragon elevates contemporary Cantonese cuisine with its elegant offerings by acclaimed chef Tam Kwok Fung. (He also heads up Jade Dragon, located nearby in the City of Dreams resort complex.)

Pearl Dragon is one of the signature dining experiences within Studio City, which opened its doors in late 2015. Here you’ll find an elegant setting that sets the stage for fine local delicacies.

The Look

Sky-high ceilings, silver accents, a devoted tea-tasting corner and an enormous wine cellar mark the long entrance corridor of Pearl Dragon. The enchanting space has several private rooms, semi-private rooms with reflective metal dividers, as well as a main dining area that overlooks the casino’s gaming tables.

A palette of soft green, beige, brown and abundant silver is a sophisticated departure from traditional Chinese restaurants. While its sister restaurant Jade Dragon features bountiful jade throughout its restaurant, Pearl Dragon serves up a gorgeous pearl motif. You may spot pearl details in every corner, from the elaborate silver napkin rings to the chopsticks holders.

Large chandeliers and centerpieces add a traditional Chinese touch, while the contemporary furniture and color scheme bring Pearl Dragon into the present. The private rooms have a more classic Chinese feel, sporting antique wooden chairs, colorful cushions and velvet couches.

The Food

Chef Tam Kwok Fung has earned a reputation for his intricate menus and surprising twists on Cantonese cuisine. The dim sum menu is both approachable and decadent featuring classic staples such as shrimp dumplings, barbecued pork, crispy turnip puffs and deep-fried taro dumplings.

The extensive à la carte dinner menu is a delight as well. Highlights include a surprisingly light roasted suckling pig, hot and sour soup, Mongolian lamb chops and fresh seafood, like the wok-fried scallops.

The Macau restaurant serves plenty of traditional fare but also adds some exotic delicacies for the adventurous diner, including abalone marinated in Chinese wine, deep-fried duck tongue, and jellyfish head with black fungus. No matter the dish, every presentation has been thoughtfully designed to incorporate complementary textures, colors and flavors.

For dessert, expect traditional Chinese sweet soups, such as almond with dumplings or red bean. Each meal at Pearl Dragon begins with an amuse bouche and ends with petit fours — a luxurious and modern touch borrowed from French culinary traditions. 

The Drinks

A tome-like drink menu covers all of the bases, from classic cocktails to Chinese-inspired flavors. If you’re in the mood for wine, a knowledgeable sommelier will help to pair a bottle with your Chinese fare.

There’s also an impressive selection of specialty Chinese liquors as well as a healthy assortment of fresh juices, coffee and tea. With a dedicated tea sommelier, Pearl Dragon’s tea selection is equally noteworthy. The restaurant has appointed an expert tea sommelier who can point you toward a variety of Chinese selections, including several specialty pu’er teas that have been aged for more than 30 years and have a wonderfully smooth, earthy flavor.

Whether you opt for water, wine, tea or something stronger, your glass will never run dry thanks to the restaurant’s attentive service.

DETAILS - Insider Information About This Restaurant

DETAILS - Insider Information About This Restaurant