What are some key things to know about Robuchon au Dôme?

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Although there are lots of things to know about this fine establishment, we’ve prepared some key things for you to know about Robuchon au Dôme:

1. It used to be Robuchon a Galera. Before the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant relocated to its stunning home in the dome of the Grand Lisboa Hotel, it was known as Robuchon a Galera, and was housed at a lower altitude within the property.

2. The décor is as opulent as you’d expect from a Joël Robuchon eatery. The centerpiece is the gorgeous cascading crystal chandelier, while the rest of the dining room is awash in gold. And the views that the circular, glassed-in design affords are simply breathtaking.

3. The location is unique. Robuchon au Dôme is located in a small glass dome atop the Grand Lisboa Hotel, which is the tallest building in Macau. The hotel is shaped like a large gold lotus, which is the symbol of Macau.

4. Oenophiles will be in heaven at Robuchon au Dôme. The Macau restaurant boasts a fantastic wine list that spans nearly 530 pages and features more than 12,700 labels. Whether you prefer a glass of champagne or a bottle of sake, you’ll find it in the tome they call a wine list.

5. It serves creative French cuisine. You’ll find all the staples of classic French cooking given a modern twist by Robuchon’s staff, who aren’t above using freeze-dried foie gras or celery foam to liven up a dish.

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