What are the five best treatments at Altira Spa?

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We don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any treatment at Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Altira Spa Macau but we do have five favorites to share:

1. Intuitive Massage. We loved the personalized nature – and the mixture of Western and Eastern techniques – in this heavenly 60-minute massage.

2. Gemstone Facial. This unique signature treatment features five heated stones, including obsidian and rose quartz, placed onto your face to stimulate circulation and lift the skin. Our therapist advised that it works best with a series of treatments, so you can purchase either a single 75-minute session or sets of three and five treatments.

3. Gold Indulgence. Invigorating and refreshing, this 120-minute signature treatment will literally leave you glistening with gold: after your massage, body wrap and exfoliation you’ll be slathered with a moisturizer infused with gold dust.

4. Detoxifying Lymphatic massage. This massage will stimulate your lymphatic system, getting rid of water retention and even toning down the appearance of cellulite (which is something we certainly loved). It’s also very relaxing as it uses long, gentle strokes.

5. Body Wraps. We recommend both of this spa’s refreshing body wrap treatments: the Detoxifying Seaweed  (60 minutes) and the Nourishing Tamarind (60 minutes). Both include a facial cleanse and scalp massage.

Nicole Kam

Our spa philosophy centers around two main themes: to replenish and invigorate. We want to make sure our clients are guided through their personalized appointments, and we have created various treatments that cater to that belief.

1. Gold Treatment: This treatment aims to boost energy flow, giving you that extra glow. Start out with a soothing massage, followed by an invigorating exfoliation and nourishing wrap. Next, you will be lathered up with a gold dust infused moisturizer, where vitamin-enriched ingredients stimulate circulation and the nervous system. This treatment can also be a Vichy treatment, where your experience ends in the relaxing Vichy shower where stimulating water therapy is the focus.

2. Gem Stone Facial: Using heated gem stones made from jade, jasper, obsidian, aventurine and cooling rose quartz, our unique facial is meant to tighten and lift the skin through stimulating circulation and a personalized facial massage. The facial (and the results) works best in a treatment series, and you can purchase a single facial or a three and five treatment set.

3. Rebalance Massage: Our Rebalance massage is a Tibetan-inspired massage that includes smooth, rhythmic movements. During the treatment, the opening of the “third eye” is accomplished with customized oils, where you will travel on a journey towards harmony and balance. Your body is left feeling calm, realigned and rested.

4. Restore Massage: The Restore massage focuses on trigger point and myofascial release, using neuromuscular and sports therapy techniques. During your treatment, we aim to alleviate deep muscle tension and enhance circulation. We highly recommend this massage to treat headaches, insomnia and strengthening the immune system.

5. Aroma Ocean Body Wrap: During this deeply detoxifying treatment, a warm seaweed body mask is applied followed by a powerful foil wrap. As you’re wrapped up, the treatment penetrates into the body, boosting circulation to help the release of toxins and reduce swelling. An additional soothing facial cleanse and scalp massage helps calm the mind.

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