What are the robes and slippers like at Altira Spa?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

The robes at Altira Spa are lightweight, kimono-style nylon, and the plush slippers feel comfortable and soft. The combination works well in getting you to-and-from your appointment as relaxed (and ready for healing) as possible. If you feel more comfortable with something on under your robe, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa provides disposable boyshort-style underwear to put you at ease. Our inspector was one of those spa guests, and found the disposable boyshort underwear incredibly well fitting and comfortable. It’s a shame they are meant to be thrown away, but it just goes to show you how much the Altira Spa thinks out your treatment and level of comfort in every amenity if offers.

Nicole Kam

There’s nothing better than slipping into those oh-so-comfy slippers and draping that silky soft robe over your body. At Altira Spa, we provide all of our guests with nylon kimono-style robes and plush slippers. Both work extremely well to get to-and-from your spa appointment, whether you’re getting the Aroma Ocean Body Wrap or relaxing in the sauna overlooking the Macau peninsula and South China Sea. For those who prefer to wear something lightweight underneath their robes, we provide disposable boyshorts-style underwear that is both comfortable and well-fitting.

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