What kind of aromatherapy massage is offered at Altira Spa?

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Prepare to close two eyes and open a third: Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Altira Spa has a powerful aromatherapy massage option in the signature Rebalance Massage that uses customized oils to “open your third eye.” According to some studies, aromatherapy has been linked to relaxation and clarity of the mind. The Intuitive Massage also uses Alitra Spa’s custom made essential oils, as do many of the treatments on the service menu, even if the descriptions don’t mention it. If you’re sensitive to scents, let your therapist know pre-treatment.

The spa director is an aromatherapist by training and she has infused the reception area of the Five-Star spa with the essential oils of lime, bergamot, geranium and lemongrass. The clean, refreshing scent is energizing. Upon request, you can also arrange for the spa’s production house to create an essential oil specifically for you, making your treatment at Altira Spa a completely personalized aromatherapy experience.

Nicole Kam

Aromatherapy is the perfect element to a great spa treatment, and we carry out this added element at Altira Spa. Even though our spa brochure doesn’t explicitly state our use of essential oils, we do provide them throughout our massage treatments. Try our signature Rebalance massage, where we use essential oils to “open your third eye.” This Tibetan-inspired massage involves smooth, rhythmic movements aimed to carry you on a journey towards harmony and balance. And the coolest part about our essential oils? They are specially made in our own production house, creating unique and signature scents for our treatments. The most obvious example of our aromatherapy can be found the moment you step into the spa’s reception area, where our air is infused with the relaxing scents of lime, geranium, bergamot and lemongrass. Upon request, we can also arrange for our production house to create an essential oil specifically for guests, making it a memorable and personalized experience.

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