What kinds of scrubs are offered at Altira Spa?

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The Altira Spa offers six skin-smoothing scrubs that are grouped into two different categories: Invigorate and Replenish.
You have four options on the Invigorate side of scrubs available at this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa: Soyabean and Everlasting Flower to energize and circulate, Refreshing Tea Tree to stimulate and firm, Vichy to rehydrate and detoxify or Pomegranate to cleanse and purify.
There are two options on the Replenish side: Ling-Zhi Shiitake Cream to moisturize and protect and Brown Sugar and Cinnamon to soften and smooth. We loved that the scrub treatments ended with a soothing rinse underneath a Vichy shower. All scrub sessions last for 30 minutes.

Nicole Kam

Experience smooth and renewed skin when you book one of our body scrub treatments at Altira Spa. Choose one of the themes, either Replenish or Invigorate, and you will find specific choices within each section. If you select Replenish, pick either the Ling-zhi Shitake Cream, meant for moisture, calmness and protection or the Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, meant to soften and smooth with a yummy sweet scent. Treatments listed under Invigorate feature the Soy Bean & Everlasting Flower (meant to energize, circulate and glow), the Pomegranate (meant to cleanse, purify and boost), the Refreshing Tea Tree (aimed to stimulate, hydrate and firm), and lastly, the Vichy (an add-on water treatment to detoxify your body, hydrate your skin and relax your body both physically and spiritually).

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