What kinds of wraps are offered at Altira Spa?

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There are two different types of body wraps available at Altira Spa.The Aroma Ocean (75 minutes) is an invigorating treatment that involves a deeply detoxifying seaweed body mask with a foil wrap. The healing ingredients of the wrap that soak into your body will boost circulation to help release toxins and reduce swelling. This soothing treatment is finished off with a refreshing facial cleanse and calming scalp massage.
The second type of body wrap offered at this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa is the Tamarind (60 minutes), a warm, replenishing wrap that nourishes your skin with a cream made from tamarind extract, rose and lemon. Designed to replenish antioxidants and reduce inflammation in damaged skin, this treatment is also followed by a facial cleanse and scalp massage.

Nicole Kam

Treating your body to a lush and refreshing body treatment is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. At Altira Spa, we offer our guests luxurious body wrap treatments designed to restore, replenish and invigorate the skin. For women, choose between Aroma Ocean or Tamarind body wraps. The Aroma Ocean is deeply detoxifying — a warm seaweed body mask if applied, followed by a powerful foil wrap. The treatment aims to penetrate into the body, boosting circulation to help with the release of toxins and reduce swelling. A soothing facial cleanse and scalp massage that follows is designed to calm the mind. With the Tamarind treatment (also for men), you will find yourself cocooned in a warm nourishing wrap as tamarind extract, rose and lemon are layered on the skin. The wrap is meant to replenish antioxidants and reducing inflammation. Similar to Aroma Ocean, your wrap is followed by a soothing facial cleanse and scalp massage.

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