Will I be offered a therapist gender choice at Altira Spa?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

You can choose to have either a male or female therapist when booking your appointment at Altira Spa, since therapists of both genders are available for all treatments offered at this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa. That said, while your personal comfort level is always the most important factor to consider, our editors do encourage you to consider requesting the therapist best suited for the specific treatment you’re booking, regardless of gender.
If you do have a preference one way or the other, remember that Altira Spa is one of the most popular wellness spas in Macau and is often fully booked, so be sure to make your reservations and therapist requests well in advance of your preferred date.

Nicole Kam

Here at Altira Spa, we have both male and female therapists at the ready to perform the various treatments we offer at the spa, from facials to massages to body treatments, hair and nail services. If you want the strength of male hands during your Deep Tissue massage, or the soft touch of a female hand during a cleansing facial, we ask you ahead of your appointment which gender you prefer. Our philosophy focuses on personal service, granting you your special requests and understanding your preferences.

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