What kinds of skincare products are used at Bodhi Spa?

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Laura Janelle Downey

The kinds of skincare products that are used at Conrad Macao, Cotai Central’s Bodhi Spa include LI’TYA and Thalgo. LI’TYA, which means “of the earth,” is a skin-, body- and hair-care line that incorporates homegrown Australian plants, sea fruits and clays to provide therapeutic wellness. And world-renowned environmentally friendly beauty company Thalgo specializes in algae-based products that work toward boosting youthful qualities in the skin (think firmer dermis and a curtailing of cell deterioration). You will notice that all of the Macau spa’s Aboriginal-focused massages use LI’TYA products while facials such as the Absolute Hydration, Aroma Essential, Collagen Smoothing, and Chrono Detox all employ Thalgo.

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