What should I wear to a treatment at The Spa at Encore Macau?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Laura Janelle Downey

Depending on what service you’re going to receive at Encore Macau’s The Spa at Encore Macau, you can wear your undergarments or nothing at all. For massages, you’ll probably feel more comfortable on the table without your bra. This way, the therapist can work on your back and not have to keep moving the bra straps out of the way. If you’re getting a facial, you will want to keep your underwear on but remove your bra since the therapist will most likely work on the entire décolletage area. Either way, you’ll be on a massage table and under white sheets so your body will be completely covered. When you’re at the Macau spa, thinking about what to wear to a treatment will not be an issue, since you’ll be in a deep state of relaxation from the moment you step foot into your private treatment suite.

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