What are the best things to see and do in Marrakech?

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Luke O’Brien

Marrakech offers a wealth of things to see and do; you could spend days just bouncing around the alleyways of the medina. Here’s what our Forbes Travel Guide editors say are the five best things to see and do in Marrakech:
1. Get lost in the souks. For shopping experiences, nothing compares to the riot of the souks, a warren of alleys where merchants pull out every stop to sell passersby slippers, carpets, lanterns, spices and whatever else the imagination desires.
2. Hang out at the Djemaa el-Fna, Marrkech's central plaza. The "big square" is one of the world's most amazing spectacles, mobbed at almost any hour with juice vendors, henna artists, snake charmers, bellydancers, and hawkers and hustlers of every stripe, especially at night.
3. Visit the Bahia Palace, which was built in the 1800s by some of Morocco's finest artisans for a grand vizier who wanted to house his four wives and 24 concubines. The gilded wood ceilings in the palace are spectacular.
4. See the Ali Ben Youssef Medersa. This Quranic school, now closed, is a masterpiece of the colorful Moroccan mosaic work known as zelij.
5. Relax at the Jardin Majorelle. Yves Saint Laurent donated this lush and shady garden filled with rare plants to Marrakech. It's the perfect reprieve on a hot afternoon.

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