What’s the best way to get to Marrakech?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Alex Skjong

Traveling to the Moroccan city of Marrakech is easy, comfortable and convenient with a private jet from NetJets. Through the company, acquiring an aircraft is as simple as deciding what flight plan is right for you based on how many hours you spend in the air each year. A pre-paid card stocked with 25 hours of the private jet experience is perfect for the jetsetter who flies less than 50 hours a year. As a Marquis Jet Card holder, flight time is available for 25 hours in 18 months or 50 hours in two years, with different aircraft combinations. If your in-air time increases, securing fractional ownership is as simple as an upfront payment for access to NetJets’ fleet of 650 aircraft worldwide. Once your personal jet is booked, the history-filled streets of Marrakech are just hours away, meaning less airport hassle and more time to spend exploring the artisan-rich souks, munching on a honey-drizzled beghrir and more.

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