Where is the best shopping in Marrakech?

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Luke O’Brien

Even if you don’t love shopping, a journey into the free-for-all of the souks, where you can see artisans hammering metal and dying wool in their shops is an essential experience in Marrakech. You can, and will, get lost in these covered alleys, and that's part of the fun. Remain patient and polite with the scores of merchants who will try any gambit to draw you into their stores. If you do go in, remember that haggling isn't just allowed here, it's encouraged.
Among the best souks to investigate are the spice souk near the Bahia palace, where you'll find pungent cones of paprika, cumin and curry; the carpet souk with hand-woven Berber carpets piled two stories high; and the slipper souk, where an endless array of slippers in different designs and colors awaits. Should you tire of the crowds and the bartering, head over to the Ensemble Artisanal, where the prices are fixed (if higher) and you can try your hand at weaving your own carpet.

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