What are five things to know about Chez Philippe?

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Here are five things you should know about Chez Philippe, the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant inside The Peabody Memphis:
1. Chez Philippe is not a stuffy restaurant. A coat and tie are no longer required — always a plus, considering the Memphis humidity. Guests should feel comfortable and unafraid to ask questions about the French cuisine, how to eat it and what ingredients are inside. The restaurant wants people to enjoy themselves and not be intimidated.
2. Although it is classically French, duck is not on the menu. Located inside The Peabody Memphis, the restaurant does not serve duck, since they are world-famous residents of The Peabody Memphis. In fact, you can head to the hotel’s lobby each day at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. to watch the famed Duck March. Chez Philippe is quite possibly the only French restaurant in the world to not serve duck.
3. Chef de cuisine Jason Dallas is the fourth chef in the restaurant’s 29-year history, and he has returned the menu to its classical French roots — but with a Southern twist. Using ingredients from local farms, Dallas recreates vintage dishes with new techniques to fit the region and make them familiar. Items such as cheese grits, a Southern staple, are heightened with the famous French Roquefort blue cheese.
4. Philippe Brainos is the dedicated sommelier at the luxury Memphis restaurant. The Frenchman, and sommelier of 35 years, has created an elegant wine list for the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant.  
5. Chez Philippe should be on your Memphis not-to-miss list. The award-winning restaurant has been named among Food & Wine magazine's “Top 50 Hotel Restaurants” and described as “worth a special trip” by The New York Times.

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