What are the best Mexico City food experiences?

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Mexico City has many places to alleviate your appetite, but we suggest transcending the meal with the following food experiences:
1. Eat fast at a Taqueria. Taquerias are to Mexico City what pizza parlors are to Manhattan. Whether pinching pesos, making up for a missed meal or trying to soak up the spirits in your stomach, taco stands cater to your feeding needs. Parados in Roma and El Huequito in the historic center are two top names in the taco game, but you can find worthy spots throughout the city.
2. Pick you dish at San Camilito Market. Stands at the San Camilito Market dish out local delicacies including birria, a spicy Mexican stew. Enjoy the mariachi music before, during or after your meal at the neighboring Plaza Garibaldi.
3. Hit up a food boat Xochimilco. Food trucks are taking over lunchtime in many metropolises. However, food boats bring the grub at the floating gardens of Xochimilco. So chow down while making your rounds of the canals.
4. Indulge in pre-Colombian cuisine. Newcomers to Mexico City have covered up or built over its Mesmoamerican past, but many of the capital’s cooks preserve local legacies in their kitchens. Restaurants like Izote fuse archival recipes into new plates and allow visitors to time travel with their taste buds.
5. Go on a culinary tour: Companies like Eat Mexico introduce travelers to tips for avoiding tourist traps and finding quality street food, mescal or fruit markets.

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