Does The Setai, Miami Beach charge any fees?

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The Setai, Miami Beach does not charge a resort fee (covering beach access and use of the three private pools) nor does it charge for Wi-Fi. There is, however, the option to upgrade to a higher-speed Internet connection, which incurs a $16.95 a day charge, and valet parking is $40 a day.
Other charges that you might encounter at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Miami hotel are for laundry services and, of course, meals and treatments at the hotel. Partaking in the in-room bar can tack on a few bucks to your bill, so as tempting as it is, check the price list before diving in for a late-night snack or beverage. The Tattinger champagne will run you $55 and the Chateau St. Michelle Chardonnay $35, but a late-night bite of Snickers Almond bar will add on just $5.

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