What are the five best things to order at Sushi Lounge and Restaurant?

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A visit to Sushi Lounge and Restaurant is like a mini-trip around the world — you’ll find Thai, Vietnamese and American dishes alongside the namesake and oh-so fresh sushi. We culled the considerable options down to five must-eats:
1. Seafood ceviche — Asian style. Peruvian-style ceviche is a popular dish in the Miami area. Here, it has an Asian spin, with white fish, shellfish, octopus, shrimp and fresh vegetables spiced up with oriental flavors.
2. Pla murk krob Thai fried calamari. This appetizer also takes a dish familiar to many — fried calamari — and gives it a spicy twist, courtesy of the chef’s special sauce.
3. Thai chicken salad. Shredded chicken with a mix of carrots, cabbage, and onion mixed with peanuts in a spicy lime dressing make this an interesting alternative to the sushi and sashimi that dominate the menu.
4. Spicy maki combo. Can’t settle on which rolls to order? The combo includes spicy tuna, spicy salmon and a spicy yellowtail roll. But be warned indecisive types: you’ll still have to make a decision on the accompanying  house salad or a large miso soup.
5. Love boat for two. If you’re dining with a partner or friend, nix the swapping plates routine and spring for this large selection of sushi pieces and rolls. The traditional Japanese boat platter alone is worth the order.

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