Does Hakkasan Miami have a bar?

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Cocktail enthusiasts will be glad to hear that Hakkasan Miami, the high-end Cantonese restaurant in Miami Beach, offers a long bar just off the entrance to the restaurant where you can enjoy a vast selection of Asian-influenced cocktails and even mocktails. Bottles line the faux gray brick wall while the white bar itself is illuminated by a blue glow from below. As you perch on one of the high-back padded stools, you’ll see undulating waves of light flickering across the wall, creating a sensual spot reminiscent of the hotel’s swimming pool, only much more chic and far less chaotic. The bar does get crowded with guests from the Fontainebleau hotel, so go early if you want to chat with friends over drinks like the namesake Hakka, which combines Grey Goose vodka, Ty-Ku sake, coconut milk, lychee juice and fresh passion fruit or the Ginger Martini, made with Plymouth gin, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, fresh ginger and lemon juice. Though if you’re seeking a dark, sexy Miami area spot with pulsing lounge music, don’t even think about heading over to the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant until after nine.

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