What is the food presentation like at Hakkasan Miami?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Stunning is the word we’d use to describe the food presentation at Hakkasan Miami in Miami Beach, which most likely resembles no Chinese cuisine you’ve sampled before. There’s a strong emphasis on the visual here, with bright pops of color. We’d recommend ordering the dim sum platter for a feast for the eyes: In the steamer basket atop a green leaf you’ll discover tobiko-topped scallop shumai, clear har gow stuffed with plump pink shrimp, orange-hued vegetable dumplings dotted with a single pea in the center, and shrimp and chive-filled pouches encased in a wrapper dyed jet black with squid ink. Many of the fish dishes are served as whole, deboned filets atop a vegetable, which clearly takes inspiration from a Western culinary tradition. Compared to the entrées, which are classic in look and taste, the desserts at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant are highly contemporary in feel, though still artfully presented with nary a dot of sauce smudged or a micro green out of place.

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