What is the service like at Hakkasan Miami?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Based upon our most recent visit to Hakkasan Miami, we’ve got to admit that we were a little underwhelmed with the service at this upscale Cantonese restaurant, located on the fourth floor of Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel. The service was efficient, but more utilitarian and direct than, rather like what you might encounter at a typical Chinese restaurant. Unlike waiters at upscale American or French restaurants, our waiters didn’t tell us anything more about the menu or our dishes beyond what was already printed on the menus, nor did they elaborate on the chef’s culinary vision. Indeed, when they brought us our food, they did little more than place it on the table, repeating the name of the dish. We weren’t sure what types of dumplings were featured in our dim sum platter and had to ask for more information. Service wasn’t so much bad as it was curt, and small-but-telling moments like the side of our demitasse cup being splashed with espresso made it seem as though our waiter had been in a rush to drop it off. To be fair, , there were some nice touches, like receiving a full escort to the restroom and having our napkin refolded while we were gone. However, we think it’s a shame the high quality cuisine at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant does not have American-style service to match.

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