Does Il Mulino New York offer any low-calorie options?

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If you’re watching your waistline and counting calories, dining at Il Mulino New York might be somewhat of a challenge since there aren’t many low-calorie options on the menu. The cuisine at this upscale Italian restaurant within Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Acqualina Resort & Spa on the Beach is heavy on rich, creamy sauces, homemade pastas and indulgent meat-laden dishes — even the sides are prepared with lots of (delicious) butter and garlic. Dieters are allowed a calorie splurge once in awhile, however, so we say treat yourself and worry about it tomorrow — the treadmill isn’t going anywhere.
If you must watch your calories, the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended restaurant's soups and salads are your best bet. Low-calorie options include the stracciatella alla fiorentina, a chicken-broth-based soup with Parmesan cheese, spinach and eggs, and the Indivia salad, with fresh endive topped with lemon and olive oil. As for main courses, the famous Italian sea bass and fresh English Dover sole are two choices that are much healthier than all those succulent meats topped with a cream sauce on a bed of homemade pasta.

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