Does Il Mulino New York offer any special gifts from the chef?

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Saying that Il Mulino New York offers some special gifts from the chef is an understatement. Immediately after sitting down, you’ll be overwhelmed with the antipasti that instantly grace your table, including crispy chips of fried (if slightly oily) zucchini, a wedge of Parmigiano-Reggiano, several slices of marbled salami and a piece of bruschetta topped with garlicky minced tomatoes and fresh mussels. And that’s even before the garlic bread and focaccia arrive at the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended restaurant. You might be tempted to fill up on the snacks and call it a night, and we think it’s a fun way to kick off your Italian meal. And the gifts last through the end of the night, when you’ll likely receive a shot of homemade infused vodka, which come in unique flavors like strawberry and banana. It’s an Il Mulino tradition, but thanks to longtime maître d’ Tino Ponticorvo who infuses vodka with fresh fruits and steeps it for two weeks, the Miami location is actually the only branch of Il Mulino where you’ll find flavors beyond the standard lemon and orange.

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