What are some of the specialty cocktails available at Il Mulino New York?

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At Il Mulino New York, you won’t find a specific menu listing all of the restaurant’s tipples, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy a delicious specialty cocktail or two. In the past, we’ve appreciated unique sips like the Mamma Mia, in which red pepper and parsley-infused tequila is shaken with fresh sour mix, brown sugar and cucumber, served straight up in a martini glass. Flavored with egg whites, it was frothy and creamy, yet with a great kick to it. But since you’re also in Miami, expect the bartenders to offer you minty and refreshing mojitos and a full range of classic cocktails — just know that the bar can’t make any frozen drinks (not that you’d want a slushy strawberry daiquiri with your chicken piccata). And if you’ve got any room after enjoying your Italian feast, do try the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended restaurant's homemade infused “grappas.” Fresh fruit is steeped in vodka and served ice cold, a refreshing (and boozy) way to end the night.

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