What is the food presentation like at Il Mulino New York?

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The food presentation at Il Mulino New York is very traditional and hearkens back to the days of yore. You won’t find a lot of creative plating, just heaping portions of good, old-fashioned Italian classics served on white Villeroy & Boch china. Il Mulino doesn’t focus on things like making food look like art, but rather sets its attention to offering up fine ingredients along with its passion for Italian food. An ample serving of homemade pasta doesn’t need any dressing up, though a dish like the carpaccio is carefully presented with thinly sliced Tuscan-style beef laid over a bed of crisp arugula and delicately topped with olive oil, lemon and a spicy Dijon mustard sauce. Entrées tend to place the meat in the center of the plate, usually atop a small bed of greens like spinach or escarole. At times you might think the parsley sprigs garnishing your linguine or the sliced fruit surrounding your tiramisu might look like outdated plating, but when you come to the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended restaurant, you come to eat food just like nonna used make way back in the day.

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