What are some of the specialty cocktails available at NAOE?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Because NAOE doesn’t serve any alcohol besides five different types of sake from chef Kevin Cory’s family brewery in Japan, you won’t encounter any specialty cocktails at this Miami restaurant. Nevertheless, the sakes are definitely worth sampling. One of them, the Snow Kaga, can even be served frozen like a sorbet, which offers a unique twist on the traditional Japanese rice beverage. We suggest you save this one for the end of the meal, though, as it has a stronger flavor than the other sakes. And if you aren’t a drinker, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant stocks two specialty non-alcoholic beverages. Ramune is similar to a cream soda and features a glass marble in the bottle which you pop into the drink, while Calpico is a non-carbonated milky beverage that’s both sweet and tangy, lightly flavored with yogurt and citrus notes. Both are unusual and worth sampling.

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