What is the best time of year to visit Minneapolis & St. Paul?

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Alex Skjong

Pinpointing the best time of year to visit Minneapolis and St. Paul is a tricky task. Unlike some more temperate areas of the U.S., Minnesota has the distinct honor (although many would call something a little different) of receiving the brunt of both extreme winters and summers. Frigid temperatures and some serious snowfall will greet your during the winter months and scorching temperatures will have you seeking air conditioning or shade in the summer. Thankfully, the area’s numerous lakes provide much-needed comfort from the heat and Minneapolis’ beautiful Target Field is another great option for visiting sports fans looking to embrace the sun’s rays. Looking for a weather sweet spot? Shoot for October (yes, a single month out of the year) for cool-but-not-freezing temperatures and little snowfall. Spring is a gamble, with some years seeing blizzards well into March and some scattered snowfall even into April.

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