What should I pack for a trip to Minneapolis & St. Paul?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Alex Skjong

The entire state of Minnesota is very much an extreme weather destination. So, if you're packing your bags for a trip to Minneapolis and St. Paul, be sure to be seasonally conscious. If you're visiting anywhere from late October through March, you can bet on frigid temperatures and, most likely, tons of snow. From May through most of September, the temperatures can be sweltering. Be sure to pack accordingly and even if you think you're overkilling your winter gear, you're probably not. Especially if you're coming from a mild climate. While Minnesotans love to complain about both the heat and cold, the good news is once you've embraced the area, Minneapolis and St. Paul have plenty of activities to offer visitors. Stay warm (or cool) and have fun.

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