Where is the best shopping in Minneapolis?

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While it isn’t in the city, the Mall of America is only 15 minutes from downtown and is the state’s biggest shopping attraction. With more than 520 specialty stores, four department stores, an amusement park, an underwater world, a gigantic food court and 20 sit-down restaurants, the MOA is a city in itself; in fact, it is so massive that 258 Statues of Liberty could fit inside the always temperate, four-floored building.

The MOA is the perfect tourist destination for shoppers and gawkers alike, with high-end shops like Betsey Johnson, Nordstrom, Coach, Burberry, Bloomingdale’s and Francesca’s Collections, as well as MOA-themed gift shops, discount retailers and chains, as well as off-beat stores dedicated to things like University of Minnesota mascot Goldy Gopher. A view of the roller coaster, which snakes across the mall’s center, is worth a visit alone. And as a bonus, this is where the TLC reality show Mall Cops is filmed, meaning you just might glimpse the quasi-celebrities watching over the racks.

Alex Skjong

If you've traveled anywhere close to the Twin Cities metro area, The Mall of America certainly stands out in your mind as a haven for all shopping (and amusement park... and movie theater... and aquarium...) needs. But there are plenty of other shopping destinations in the TC that will satiate any desires with the distinct added bonus of not having to wade through the crowds at MOA.

Much of downtown Minneapolis is connected via the skyway system, making trips to shops like Brooks Brothers, Saks Fifth Avenue or Macy's perfectly bearable during Minnesota's frigid winters and, equally as distressing at times, scorching summers. Nicollet Mall is a lovely stretch of downtown that houses various shops, bars and some of the city's skyline-defining buildings such as the IDS Center.

If St. Paul is on your itinerary, Grand Avenue (one street over from the beautiful Summit Avenue) makes for a very enjoyable stroll on a weather-permitting afternoon. With too many shops to count, walking Grand Avenue's full stretch will undoubtedly have you entering in boutiques featuring everything from art supplies, clothing, crafts, décor and much more.

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