What is the average price of a room at Hôtel Quintessence?

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The average price of a room at Hôtel Quintessence varies depending on the season. As it’s located at the base of Mont-Tremblant, one of the hotel’s busiest seasons is winter (the regular season), when the ski slopes are in full swing. Hôtel Quintessence is also busy between June and October (the high season).

During the holiday season (typically from December 21 to January 4), rates range from CAD$580 (or US$545) per night for a regular Q Suite to CAD$1,745 (US$1,641) per evening for the Presidential Suite. Rates during the regular season (January to March) range from CAD$415 (US$390) for a Q Suite to CAD$1,580 (US$1,486) for the Presidential Suite. In the high season (June to October), prices can start at CAD$470 (US$442) per night for a standard Q Suite and go up to CAD$1,635 (US$1,538) for the Presidential Suite. In the low season (April to mid-June and mid-October to mid-December), the price ranges from CAD$360 (US$339) to CAD$1,525 (US$1,434).

All 30 suites at the Mont-Tremblant hotel feature fireplaces, king-size beds, a private balcony or terrace, and bathrooms with heated marble floors and large tubs. Breakfast is included daily.

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