Is there a jogging route near Meadowood Napa Valley?

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Rob Harrison

Fitness at Meadowood transcends the walls of the spa and fitness center to include the vast acreage of this beautiful estate. You are welcome to jog throughout the property, but why stop there? Meadowood is known for its hiking trails. The crown jewel of the grounds is the Meadowood Loop, 4.5 miles of scenic hiking trails that wind through the woods, rising to heights of more than 600 feet and culminating in breathtaking views of Napa Valley. The woods along the Loop are a birdwatcher’s paradise. More than 106 species have been identified, and observant hikers are apt to spot a variety of hummingbirds, woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, finches and orioles. Lucky guests may even enjoy the luxury of seeing a golden or bald eagle.

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