What are the five best things to eat and drink at Meadowood Napa Valley?

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Rob Harrison

The five best things to eat and drink at Meadowood are:

1. Wine. The enjoyment of wine is a part of life at Meadowood.

2. The Meadowood omelet. It features ingredients fresh from the Meadowood garden, including caramelized onion, roasted tomatoes, spinach, sautéed mushrooms and sweet peppers.

3. The Wagyu burger from The Grill. Enjoy it with fries or a Meadowood salad. It won’t disappoint.

4. One of our picnics. Our picnic menu — which ranges from Fruit & Cheese Picnics to Country Picnics — includes selected California artisan cheeses and breads and assorted domestic and imported charcuterie among many other options.

5. A prix fixe or chef’s tasting menu. This will ensure that you have covered all bases, sampling house and seasonal specialties, while tasting the freshest of ingredients.

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