What are the parking options at Meadowood Napa Valley?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The parking options at Meadowood Napa Valley depend on what you’re doing at the resort and what sort of room you’ve booked. Parking is, thankfully, free, and there’s plenty of it on the property. There’s a main parking lot near reception (which is in its own lodge at the head of the property), and if you’re staying in one of the Studio rooms or in the Croquet Lodge, you’ll likely be parking there or in one of the front lots.

If you’ve rented one of the cottages or family lodges, however, you’ll have your own separate parking. After you check in, a Mercedes-Benz will escort your car out to your lodging. If you’d prefer not to have to drive your car back and forth for dining or to enjoy croquet, golf, tennis, and other activities near the front of the resort, a golf cart or Mercedes-Benz can come fetch you and drive you in and out whenever you’d like.

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