What five things should I be sure to pack for a stay at Meadowood Napa Valley?

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Be sure to pack the following five things for a stay at Meadowood Napa Valley. It’s a resort, sure, but because of its location, there are plenty of can’t-miss extracurricular activities, and you’ll want to be prepared.

1. A bathing suit. Not only does Meadowood Napa Valley have two pools, but there are abundant lakes and rivers around Napa that are perfect for swimming or floating lazily on an inner tube.

2. Plenty of sun protection. People from San Francisco, London and New York often get so used to overcast weather that they forget just how sunny a place can be. Napa doesn’t get much rain, and it’s warm most of the year, so you’re going to want to protect your skin without sweating into a jacket or hat.

3. Dressed-up casual clothes for a meal at the amazing Meadowood Napa Valley restaurant. When it comes to vacation in a place like Napa, it’s tempting to pack nothing but rugged-looking outdoor gear. But the resort’s award-winning restaurant prefers gentlemen in sport coats (wearing jeans with your jacket is fine) and ladies in something a little more formal than hiking shorts.

4. Don’t forget your summer whites for playing croquet. The resort even has its own croquet pro, so make sure to take a lesson and play at least a couple rounds during your stay. At Meadowood Napa Valley, the uniform to participate in the croquet games is white collared shirts, white or light beige pants or shorts, and flat-soled shoes. Don’t leave home without them.

5. A designated driver. We know you can’t exactly pack a DD, but Napa is full of wine tastings and winding roads, and even sober locals get into accidents. So either agree that one member of your party isn’t going to indulge in libations when you’re out tasting, or have the resort arrange a shuttle, tour, or other safe mode of transportation for you.

Rob Harrison

When you are headed to Meadowood, be sure to pack:

1. A camera so you can remember the unbelievable scenery.

2. Dark denim or a jacket for men and a casual cocktail dress for women. These will come in handy when you join us for dinner at The Restaurant.

3. A swimsuit for a relaxing day by the pool.

4. A pair of comfortable shoes for the many activities that Meadowood offers.

5. The desire to let go of city life and immerse yourself into Napa Valley’s relaxing setting.

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