What five words would you use to describe the style of Meadowood Napa Valley?

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The five words we would use to describe the style of Meadowood Napa Valley are:

1. Comfortable. Meadowood Napa Valley’s creators had their priorities straight. Instead of trying to impress guests with wild architecture and glitz, they put their money and energy into making the resort’s indoor and outdoor spaces an exemplar of easy luxury. The furniture and beds are of the highest quality, but there’s nothing about them that’s off-putting or makes you afraid to actually use them. You could be sitting in an Eames chair, but the way Meadowood Napa Valley upholsters and presents its furniture, you probably wouldn’t think twice about putting your feet on it. The lawns, gardens and fairways are beautifully manicured, but they’re not overly neat, and you’ll never be chided for walking on the grass.

2. Luxurious. Meadowood Napa Valley embodies every quality of a Four-Star hotel. Its rooms are large and beautifully appointed, with breathtaking views and first-class extras like private decks and huge wood-burning fireplaces in most rooms. You have access to the very best of Napa valley because of its central location and yet can have complete solitude if you wish. The staff is amazing and will do whatever you’d like, whether you seek recommendations on a rare bottle from the master sommelier or want to take a hot air balloon ride over Napa’s legendary vineyards.

3. Classic. The resort has every modern amenity you could wish for, but it conspicuously recalls other eras and locales, too. The Meadowood Napa Valley’s cheerful Alpine-style lodges and quaint cottages are brimming with California antiques from the early half of the 20th century everywhere you turn and luxurious additions (like huge soaking tubs and private gardens with outdoor showers) that are timeless in their sumptuous appeal.

4. Idyllic. Meadowood Napa Valley understands the importance of its green space and pastoral location, bringing them to the fore whenever possible. Every room and suite has a lush view, whether it’s a woodland view that makes you feel as though you’re in a fairytale forest or French doors that open directly onto the gorgeous croquet lawn, where club members and guests in bright summer whites give you the sense that you may have stepped back in time to some lovely late Victorian hotel in the Catskills.

5. Spacious. And not just beneath the high ceilings of the rooms, but across the property. Instead of cramming all the cottages and lodges together in a central area, the resort has them distributed across the entirety of its acreage, so there’s always a sense of privacy and of being one of a pampered few guests.

Rob Harrison

There is no shortage of words to describe Meadowood. However, the immediate words that come to mind are: exclusive, airy, romantic, charming and distinct. Come and experience Meadowood for yourself and share with us how you would describe it.

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