What makes Meadowood Napa Valley different from other hotels?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

From the moment you arrive on the grounds, you’ll see how Meadowood Napa Valley differs from other Four-Star hotels. For starters, it’s not actually a hotel, at least in the typical sense. The resort has gorgeous, extremely luxurious rooms and suites. But instead of being stuffed together in a skyscraper, most of the accommodations are in their own freestanding cottages in the woods.

In fact, if you didn’t go out looking for people and ate in your room for every meal, you’d probably never be aware that there were other guests, or even that you were right near Napa’s bustling main street drag and within easy walking distance of several popular wineries. The woods are, as Robert Frost would say, “lovely, dark and deep,” and the sense of solitude you get is also the stuff of poetry. Except that, lucky for you, there aren’t miles to go before you sleep, and you won’t have to worry about the snow.

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