What are the best things to order at Lucy Restaurant and Bar?

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Here’s what we think are a few of the best things to order at Lucy Restaurant and Bar:

1. Monterey Bay sardines with Banyuls vinegar. We had reservations about ordering this dish — sardines aren’t the most appetizing ingredients — but the concierge first mentioned them when we told him we were dining at Lucy, and then our waiter recommended the fish again, so we had to try them. Leery as we were, the dish was actually tasty. The meaty sardines were presented on a medley of crunchy peppers and

2. Maine diver scallops. The Napa restaurant offers a variety of seafood options, including this scallop dish. The scallops were seared to a golden brown and served atop a bed of
lentils with bits of rich pork belly.

3. Dry-aged prime strip loin. It may sound a little boring, but the steak was well cooked and flavorful and was served with a warm leek rosti, spigarello and caramelized Walla Walla onions in a cabernet jus. Order a rich cab to wash it all down and you can’t go wrong.

4. Napa Valley Breakfast. In the morning, you can’t go wrong with the Napa Valley Breakfast at this Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant. The humongous meal comes on a giant wood board and is more than enough sustenance for a day of wine tasting, that’s for sure. (We suggest splitting it or asking the staff to box up what you don’t eat to nibble on later.) It includes organic yogurt, fresh fruit, cheese and cured meats, a hardboiled egg (with a nice little dish of coarse salt), bread and preserves and more.

5. Wine. Since you are in Wine Country, vino is a must. Lucy’s extensive list can be overwhelming, but the by-the-glass selections are a good place to start. The restaurant carries a collection of biodynamic and organic wines as well.

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