What is the service like at The French Laundry?

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There are many elements of the dining experience at The French Laundry that contribute to its Five-Star rating, from the food to the wine, the atmosphere, and most important, the service. Service at this elegant restaurant can be described as formal and polished, but with a hint of California casual. You’ll spot the wait staff clad in sleek suits and ties — they’re in the business of delivering chef Thomas Keller’s special and masterful American cuisine, after all. As each of your nine courses is presented to you throughout your meal, an army of waiters surrounds the table to simultaneously unveil each dish. The head waiter then provides a description of each dish and its preparation before you take your first bite. This kind of service makes you feel more like you’re dining at a friend’s house — eating out-of-this-world quality food — than a restaurant. As a thoughtful end-of-the-meal gesture, you’ll also receive a keepsake clothespin with The French Laundry name inscribed on its surface.

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