What restaurants at Hutton Hotel are best for families with children?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Though there’s only one restaurant at Hutton Hotel, and it’s certainly kid-friendly. Located off the sleek lobby, 1808 Grille, a Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant, is both sophisticated and laid-back, so you can feel as if you’re in a nice restaurant without being embarrassed when your little one orders up grilled cheese. The children’s menu is limited, but it gets the job done for just about any picky eater.
You’ll find choices like a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich paired with French fries, a kid’s size deep dish pizza, chicken tenders and grilled cheese. For both the chicken tenders and grilled cheese, your child has the option of French fries or peas and carrots — but we have a feeling the former is a bit more popular among the youngsters. And when Junior has a sweet tooth, he can order up ice cream or even an ice cream sandwich, vanilla ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies.

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