What are the best cocktails to order at King Cole Bar?

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Gary Merjian

The Red Snapper, most commonly referred to as the Bloody Mary, is the must-order cocktail at King Cole Bar. Bartender Fernand Petiot perfected the Bloody Mary at The St. Regis New York in 1934, but the name Bloody Mary was much too vulgar for the elegant St. Regis at the time, so it was renamed the Red Snapper.

Rachel Bowie

The Red Snapper — also known as the Bloody Mary — is the signature cocktail at the King Cole Bar at The St. Regis New York. As such, you’ll want to try at least one of the spicy tomato libations. You can order the original, or choose among six creative variations on the Bloody Mary from St. Regis properties around the world. If you’re in the mood for something else, try the New York, New York, a cocktail made with Marker’s Mark bourbon, Appel liquor and sweet vermouth. Another cocktail we loved is the Jazz Me Blues mixed with Grey Goose Poire vodka, St. Germain Elderflower liqueur and champagne. The Penny Lane Martini, made with Hendrick’s gin, sake, dry vermouth and cucumber is another favorite, as is the King’s Passion (made with brut rosé champagne, Grand Marnier 150 and passion fruit juice). The bar is fully stocked, so if you want something simple and classic like a gin martini, they can mix up one of those too.

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