What are the best things to order at King Cole Bar?

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Gary Merjian

The Red Snapper, most commonly referred to as the Bloody Mary is the must-order cocktail at King Cole Bar. Bartender Fernand Petiot perfected the Bloody Mary at The St. Regis New York in 1934, but the name Bloody Mary was much too vulgar for the elegant St. Regis at the time, so it was renamed the Red Snapper. Two of the other most popular cocktails are the New York, New York and the King’s Cup. The King Cole Bar also features a bar menu. The sliders — one Kobe beef, one ahi tuna, one Maine lobster — and the King Cole Burger are the epitome of bar food elegance.

Rachel Bowie

Choose from a range of small bites, classic dishes, and desserts if you’re in the mood for food during your visit to the King Cole Bar at The St. Regis New York. Here are the five best things to order at the historic New York City bar:
1. Red Snapper. You’ve had Bloody Marys before, but never the pristine and classic version popularized here. Find out what the iconic cocktail is all about.
2. Mediterranean plate. If you’re looking for something to eat along with your Red Snapper, we suggest this savory plate laden with San Daniele prosciutto ham, fried polenta, Sicilian olives and grilled bread.
3. French onion soup. This hearty and soothing concoction with melted cheese and toasty bread atop a sweet onion broth is perfect for a cold or rainy day.
4. King Cole burger. You can’t go wrong with a big juicy burger, especially here. It’s grilled to perfection and accompanied by steak fries and a pickle spear.
5. Lobster club sandwich. It’s hard to resist sweet and tender lobster meat, bathed in a light mayonnaise and tucked between crisp slices of toast along with lettuce tomatoes and bacon.

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