What are the desserts like at The Astor Court?

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Gary Merjian

The Astor Court features seasonal desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Rachel Bowie

Desserts at The Astor Court in The St. Regis New York are just as decadent and luxurious as the rest of the experience at this Midtown Manhattan hotel. The à la carte dessert menu at The Astor Court changes seasonally, but always includes confections inspired by classic French and American pastry. If you enjoy fruit-based desserts, then try the apple cobbler with almond crumble topping and sour cream sorbet or the banana parfait layered with milk chocolate mousse and dark rum cream. Chocolate lovers might be tempted by the caramel chocolate dome with a vanilla center and tangy raspberry sorbet or the chocolate crousti fondant, a French cake paired with praline mousse and passion fruit granité. Or opt for the selection of homemade ice creams and sorbets, the perfect palate-cleanser after your meal. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here at The Astor Court.

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