What is the interior design of King Cole Bar?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Gary Merjian

King Cole Bar features a mural by American artist Maxfield Parrish behind the bar. The bar features dark wood and leather chairs.

Rachel Bowie

Wind your way through the bright corridors of The St. Regis New York, and tucked way at the back behind Astor Court, you’ll find the King Cole Bar. You’ll see the large Maxfield Parrish mural first. Titled Old King Cole, the art installation greets you as you arrive, with carnelian, scarlet and vivid blues that seem to be lit from behind. It glows brightly against a dark and elegant backdrop of the eponymous bar filled with dark oak paneling and comfortable leather chairs. With about 12 seats at the actual bar and 12 small tables lining the perimeter of the space, the King Cole Bar manages to maintain its intimacy and charm. If you’re lucky enough to secure a seat, plan to stay a while — this is a place for quiet conversations, and great people watching, too.

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