What is the interior design of The Astor Court?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Gary Merjian

The Astor Court is elegantly designed, featuring pillars rising to a soaring hand-painted ceiling. Waterford crystal chandeliers provide subtle lighting for the sumptuous booths and linen-clad tables.

Rachel Bowie

The interior design of The Astor Court is elegant and ornate, reflecting the grand style popular around the turn-of-the-century when it was built. The Astor Court was designed during the art nouveau period, with gilt touches, soaring marble pillars that ring the room that’s illuminated by crystal chandeliers overhead. Set up as a lobby restaurant, The Astor Court is at the center of it all. Peer out from your table and you’ll have a perfect vantage point for seeing all the comings and goings as guests arrive in the lobby or slip inside the King Cole Bar. You can even catch a glimpse of the luminous Maxfield Parrish painting Old King Cole from The Astor Court. But relish the experience: the tables — set with white Porthault linens, Waterfold Crystal stemware and Limoges china designed by Tiffany & Co. exclusively for the hotel — are all spaced far enough apart to offer an intimate setting. It’s a delightful place to enjoy catching up with friends over a leisurely meal.

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