What words would you use to describe the style of Crosby Street Hotel?

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Designed by Crosby Street Hotel’s co-owner Kit Kemp, this boutique hotel’s design style is stunningly unique and brimming with artwork-turned-conversation pieces. These words best describe the style of the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel:
1. The downtown New York hotel offers an eclectic mix of design motifs, with Moroccan accents, a modern steel sculpture in the lobbby and traditional curved armchairs with intricate wooden bases, modernized through the use of vibrant patterned upholstery.
2. When walking through Crosby Street Hotel, you find yourself enveloped in a myriad of color schemes, all of which combine to create an aesthetic vibrancy. Dog statues in the lobby are wallpapered in colorful newspaper comic strips, while busy floral print curtains in The Drawing Room run floor-to-ceiling and frame the wall of warehouse-style windows opening onto the lush, bright green courtyard. Even the basement cinema is encased in color, with the space’s 99 seats upholstered in electric orange leather.
3. The mix of high and low design accents brings to mind the term kitschy. The colorful banquette seating in The Crosby Bar & Terrace rests below a beautiful oversized mirror, along with a lighted art sculpture made of classic rotary dial telephones. As well, the running theme in much of the hotel’s artwork is dogs, in keeping with the hotel’s logo that features a small dog.
4. While many design elements are featured at Crosby Street Hotel, the clean lines, vaulted ceilings free of crown molding and warehouse-style windows lend a contemporary style to the hip Soho hotel.
5. Perhaps to soften the contemporary style elements, the Crosby Street Hotel is also elegant, particularly in the feminine polished chrome table lamps and the many intimate sitting areas that feature plush armchairs. Plus, the stairway leading to the public areas’ restrooms features fabric-covered walls in a soft flower print.

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