Which parks are located near Lotte New York Palace?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

If you want to see greenery in New York’s concrete jungle, Forbes Travel Guide Recommended Lotte New York Palace is close to two of the city’s most historic parks. First, there’s Central Park, the most-visited urban park in America and one packed with towering trees, tranquil lakes and budding blooms in the heart of Midtown. You can check out public theater, take a bike around the park or visit the animals at the Central Park Zoo – Central Park is huge, so there are a lot of ways to spend an afternoon there. It’s only a short walk away from the luxury hotel. There’s also Bryant Park, a revived city park in Midtown where office workers take a break during the day and city visitors enjoy at night. The park used to be the home of the world-famous New York Fashion Week. Now its biggest cold-weather attraction is its ice rink. In the summer, the Bryant Park Summer Film Festival attracts large crowds, who sit on the park’s enormous lawn to picnic and watch old movies.

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