Is there a jogging route near The Plaza Hotel?

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The Plaza Hotel is one of the only New York City hotels with a built-in backyard with excellent jogging routes: Central Park. There, you will find a variety of paths for you to run. The park’s roads go around the entire green space. Choose the 6.1-mile, 5.2-mile or 1.7-mile route. For a shorter route, and to see some of the best skyline views the city has to offer, run the Reservoir, a soft-surface track that measures 1.58 miles. Another soft-surface option is the bridle paths — no horses necessary. There are three bridle paths: the Reservoir and southern spur loops are both 1.5 miles, and the North Meadow loop is a bit smaller at 1.1 miles. Regardless of how far you want to run, you'll find a route just outside of the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel.

Central Park is The Plaza Hotel's backyard, offering many options for joggers. There are three optimal places to run in Central Park:

1. Park drives. Circling the entire park, the drives provide three long-distance routes: 6.1 miles, 5.2 miles or 1.7 miles, or shorter distances, if you cross the park at a number of scenic locations.

2. The Reservoir. A soft surface, the Reservoir track is 1.58 miles around and offers some of the best skyline views in the park and many scenic opportunities. In spring, cherry trees alongside the track are in bloom, and in summer, the evaporating water cools the surrounding air.

3. Bridle paths. There are three conjoined soft-surface bridle paths to choose from. The Reservoir loop, adjacent to the Reservoir, totals 1.5 miles, the North Meadow loop totals 1.1 miles and the southern spur totals 1.5 miles.

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