What amenities does The Plaza Hotel provide for families with children?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

If you are traveling with children, The Plaza Hotel offers a variety of amenities for kids. Cribs can be rented for a nominal fee, while rollaway beds and cots can also be set up in select rooms for an extra cost. Although childproofing items aren’t offered at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel, the concierge and hotel staff will do everything they can to help with special requests. You’ll want to pack your own toys and games, but children will love the high-definition video-on-demand system, complete with plenty of family-appropriate movie picks. At this luxury New York hotel, every room also includes a DVD player — so pack a favorite TV show or movie that will keep your kids entertained during down time. Other amenities include all things Eloise — the most precocious resident of The Plaza Hotel has her own Eloise-themed suite, dining menu and shop. And if you need your kids to burn off energy, simply step outside. The Plaza Hotel is right next to Central Park, the perfect place to run around and explore.

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