What words best describe the style of The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park?

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The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park occupies a stately Emery Roth building at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Central Park South, and the hotel’s interior style matches its noble address. Here are the words we’d use to describe this Midtown hotel:
1. Elegant. Crown and picture molding grace every guest room and hallway, while rooms are full of wooden furniture and silk drapes, and bathrooms are resplendent in pale brown marble. It’s an inviting environment that feels decidedly luxe.
2. Old-world. Gilded mirrors, neoclassical French- and English-style furniture and dark green marble tables in the Star Lounge create a space that recalls New York of yore.
3. Comfortable. Even though all furniture and finishings are of the highest quality at this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel, nothing ever comes off as uncomfortable or stuffy. You’ll definitely feel at home as you soak in your marble bathtub or sink into one of the brocade loveseats off the lobby, dirty martini in hand.
4. Professional. Everything is in tip-top condition here, mostly because the friendly and accommodating staff knows if anything’s out of place and fixes it before you’ve even noticed.
5. forbArtsy. The hotel boasts a great collection of artwork by the Russian-born American painter Samuel Halpert. Take a few minutes to admire the post-Impressionist’s paintings of seascapes and city life, ideally after brushing up on the artist with the book about him placed on your bedroom’s desk.

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